cover91488-medium.png Pub Hodder &Stoughton

This is a story of race, White and Black.

Ruth is a Black African American midwife who attends the post birth of Brit Bauer and her newborn. Turk is a White supremacist and  states that this woman is not to touch his wife or his baby. What happens next is something that changes the lives of all involved.

I felt uncomfortable reading this novel, but this is intention of the author. Whatever the readers beliefs and views of color, and in this world climate of war, immigration, illegal refugees etc everyone will have one, this novel will make you not only think but will make you angry, sad and for everyone that says ‘I’m not racist..but’ it will challenge.

This book is given to reviewers with no title, no author and no blurb, so it up to the person reading to express a positive and most of all honest evaluation of what is written and interpreted.

I have since discovered who the author is of this novel, and it is very different to what they usually do. With more than 20 novels under his/her  belt she/he has explored and written a thought provoking tale.

Will it change views? I am not so certain but it is an arousing tale.



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