Daisy in Chains Sharon Bolton

51XbBYf86tL._AC_US160_Pub: Transworld

Famous killers have fan clubs.

Hamish Wolfe is no different. Locked up for the rest of his life for the abduction and murder of three young women, he gets countless adoring letters every day. He’s handsome, charismatic and very persuasive. His admirers are convinced he’s innocent, and that he’s the man of their dreams.

Who would join such a club?

Maggie Rose is different. Reclusive and enigmatic; a successful lawyer and bestselling true-crime writer, she only takes on cases that she can win.

Hamish wants her as his lawyer, he wants her to change his fate. She thinks she’s immune to the charms of a man like this. But maybe not this time . . .

Would you?

have actually written to a serial killer, and I can understand the premise of this novel. I wrote to a man who was known as ‘The Lipstick Killer’ named William Heirens, although there was no love interest where I was concerned  I can identify with the ladies of this terrific story.

The thing I had difficulty with was the ‘fat girl’ thing.

I didn’t know whether the rather slender Sharon Bolton was taking the p*ss when characterising her protaganist as a killer of larger ladies and I felt a bit awkward reading the terminology that one would associate with that body type.

But……Daisy in Chains is a brilliantly  crafted tale that is both stylish and astonishing.

Maggie Rose with the blue hair and successful career is a person that anyone who was in legal trouble would want on their side. She demands and gets respect.

Hamish, is charismatic, handsome and  quite possibly guilty, but Maggie is sought after amongst guilty men and if  anyone is to get them free, it is her.

This novel makes the reader work.. I was forever analysing and my mind, once made up was changed time and time again.

I was constantly amazed at the untypical plot with it’s slow building tension, it is immensely dark and is an absolute chiller.

A captivating and deep psycological thrill that you look for in Bolton’s writing. It doesn’t disappoint.




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