The Asylum Johan Theorin

51aqgjARmFL._AC_SY200_ Pub: Black Swan


Who amongst us can really say they’re sane?

Jan has just started working at the Dell nursery. But this is no normal nursery. It’s linked to a high-security asylum by a dimly-lit underground tunnel, which is used for the children to visit their parents. Who are some of the most dangerous psychopaths in the country.

And Jan has complicated reasons for being here. There’s something he’s not telling people about his past. And there’s someone in the asylum who he really wants to see . .

This is a fabulous tale.

Almost everyone who works at St Patricia’s has a secret.. and it is these secrets,along with slow burning tension that makes this story an interesting read.

Jan Hauger is a troubled young man, he is employed in the pre-school that is attached to the asylum and very early on we come to realise that he is lonely as well as a loner. With only one friend, Rami, who he met a long time ago at a teen – psyche  unit when he tries to commit suicide, and who he made a pact with, The Asylum covers obsession and revenge in such a way that I found it quite an emotional and heart-tugging read.

Of course, in the setting that this tale is based there are some hideous characters, but most of them have something that draws out a certain sympathy from the reader.

The Asylum is intense and gripping. It is also psychologically chilling.

I love translated book and this one is really well written. I read it in one sitting and as this is over 400 pages it was a good 7 hours before I finished it. It was 7 hours well spent and The Asylum is a book I am happy to recommend.


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