Sleep Sister Laura Elliot

51z2nLrDYzL._AA160_Pub: Bookouture

Beth ran away from her family when she was a teenager. She left behind a terrible evil that took her innocence. She also left behind her sister, Sara.

When Beth returns home, she is shocked to discover her terrible secret is not just hers alone…she shares it with Sara. Under the shadow of a remote headland, the sisters make an oath they promise never to break.

Eva’s birth is a mystery that remains unsolved. Years later with her marriage in ruins, and her future uncertain, she realizes that to move forward with her life, she must first understand her past.

But while Eva is drawing closer to the truth about her roots, Beth and Sara’s lives are falling apart, crushed under the weight of the secret they carry. They must confront the past and face the darkness once more. But this time, their story will be heard


The first thing I liked about this read was the writing style.

Life is tough for Beth, her uncle is a nasty character but if it wasn’t for him Beths family wouldn’t have a certain standard of living. This seemed to be the only thing that interested her mother… well that and ‘Charlie’ the bamboo stick which she used on Beth for any reason.

When Beth is old enough she takes off to live life as she chooses.

A secret that lies dormant and connects the sisters is something that Elliot has written about with sensitivity, saying that..having been abused as a child myself it did cause a trigger and I found some parts hard to read.
This story does jump about a bit and is heavy on characters, but it is a good read. It is intriguing and is an emotional family drama.



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