Hunted Carla Norton

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You live nearby? You need a ride?’
She stopped and looked at him: a chubby guy with a beard, younger than her father, but older than a teenager. She could never guess the ages of adults.
‘You need some help?’ the man asked again. ‘I can’t fix your bike, but I can give you a lift. It’s no trouble.’
‘Uh, no thanks. I better not.’
He looked nice enough, and in all her twelve years she’d never met anyone dangerous or crazy, but she’d been warned many times about strangers . . .

Reeve LeClaire is not a victim. Not any more.
It’s been seven years since she escaped from evil psychopath, Daryl Wayne Flint. He held her captive for four of her precious teenage years, and now she’s finally getting her life back.
But Flint, imprisoned in a top psychiatric hospital, has been watching and waiting -meticulously planning his getaway. And now his chance has finally come.
His escape is Reeve’s worst nightmare. As he persistently evades capture, baffling authorities and leaving a bloody trail through the forests of Washington State, Reeve is hit by a fearful realization: She will have to face her kidnapper one last time.
His perfect victim. His little cricket.

Daryl Wayne Flint is one clever psychopath.

11 years after snatching 12 year old Reggie Leclaire, he is now plotting his escape from a secure Psychiatric Hospital …with the help of his mother.

Flint is sadistic and obsessed with the number three. he taps his foot three time, repeats words three times and he gave me the chills.

Reggie, having changed her name to Reeve, is determined to help with the re-capture of her abductor and the events that follow are quite riveting. Norton keeps her readers gripped and has written a terrific realistic tale.

I have not read Carla Nortons previous book ‘The Edge of Normal’, which covers the backstory of Reeves 4 years in  Flints basement, but Hunted is able to be read as a standalone.

I enjoyed this one.




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