While my Eyes were Closed Linda Green

512XNqEsSYL._AC_US160_Pub Quercus

One, two, three . . . Lisa Dale shuts her eyes and counts to one hundred during a game of hide-and-seek. When she opens them, her four-year-old daughter Ella is gone. Disappeared without a trace. The police, the media and Lisa’s family all think they know who snatched Ella. But what if the person who took her isn’t a stranger? What if they are convinced they are doing the right thing? And what if Lisa’s little girl is in danger of disappearing forever?

What starts as a trip to the park, turns into Lisa’s worst nightmare when Ella, her daughter goes missing during a game of hide and seek.

The following seven days sees the family devastated that the four year old could have been abducted by a local man who is known to be on the sex offenders register.

While in reality my thoughts would always be with the parents of a missing child, Greens novel had me in a quandary as to whose ‘side’ I was on.

How Linda Green placed herself in the mind of the abductor whilst writing this fabulous and emotionally charged novel is beyond me. But it is something she has done brilliantly, leading the reader on a journey that speaks from the viewpoint of the mother and the abductor.

This is a one – sit -read, it is also an horrifically realistic tale. For anyone who has had children and lost them for any length of time, this tale is going send shivers.




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