The Trap Melanie Raabe

417w4aJTOML._AC_US160_Pub: Mantle


I know who killed my sister.
I wrote this novel for him.

Twelve years ago, Linda’s sister Anna was murdered. Her killer was never caught, but Linda saw him. Now, all these years on, she’s just seen him again. On TV.

He has since become a well-known reporter, and Linda – a famous novelist and infamous recluse – knows no one will believe her if she accuses him, so she does the only thing she can think of: she writes a thriller about a woman who is murdered, her killer never caught. When the book is published, she agrees to give just one media interview. At home. To the one person who knows more about the case than she does.

He knows what happened that night and she wrote a book about it but, when the doorbell rings, neither of them can be sure how the story will end.


Linda Conrads is a very successful author, her sister Anna was murdered, Linda found her body and in the 12 years since, Linda has become reclusive and depressed and has not once left her house.

Unable to sleep and watching the TV Linda sees the man, a journalist,  she thinks is responsible for her sisters death.

Inviting Victor Lenzen to her home to give an extremely rare interview, Linda has planned to find out the truth. Her new book has chronicled the murder of her sister, and Linda wants to see if Victor sees the reality of that event in the fictitious setting of ‘Blood Sisters’.

The Trap is a taut whodunit, stylish and tense with a psychological  flare. Lindas jagged reality ensures that the reader  is often thrown between did she do it or did he. Is Blood Sisters an unconscious confession or simply an account of a traumatised mind.

Raabe’s debut for me was a fabulous read. I loved reading ‘Lindas novel’, that is encased within Raabes.

A definite recommend from me.



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