Psycho Sanitarium Chet Williamson

cover86172-medium Pub: Canelo

It took Bloch 23 years to write another Psycho novel, revealing that Norman had been in a mental institution the entire time. But what happened in that asylum?

Until now, no one has known. It’s 1960. Norman Bates is in the State Hospital for the Criminally Insane and it’s up to Dr. Felix Reed to bring him out of his catatonic state. Dr. Reed must face both twisted patients and colleagues who think of the institution as a prison. And the greatest obstacle is the building itself, once a private sanitarium, rumoured to be haunted.

A delicate peace is disturbed by the arrival of Robert Newman, Norman’s twin brother, taken away at birth after a doctor pronounced him brain damaged. As Robert and Norman grow to know each other, Norman senses a darkness in Robert, perhaps even deeper than that which has lurked in Norman himself.

In the State Hospital for the Criminally Insane, we once again meet with Norman Bates.

Dr Reed is a kindly doctor dedicated to Normans care and along with Nurse Marie, Norman who is mostly catatonic, makes considerable progress.  Norman has a visitor, Robert, who claims he is Normans twin brother,

When the working staff at the hospital start to ‘disappear’, Marie makes the connection that those who pose a threat to Norman are the ones who are never seen again.

‘Mother’ is back, but this time for what reason??

Psycho Sanitarium is a fast paced tale and if Robert Bloch were asked his opinion, I should imagine he would say that Chet Williamson has done a remarkable job with this sequel.

I would recommend that the reader should ‘reconnect’ with Bloch’s  original Psycho and especially Psycho 2 if only  to fully understand Williamson’s ending of this fabulously creepy and gripping horror.

I loved this book, Chet Williamson has captured Bloch’s style of writing perfectly.  With characters such as Miller and Gunn,  Psycho Sanitarium is a worthy completion of what Bloch started.

This one is pure class.





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