Psycho Trilogy event

PSYCHO  Robert Bloch

617AbTerGKL._AA160_Pub: The Murder Room

Mary is lost on a dark and lonely road; she’s tired and hungry and afraid. She thinks she’s dreaming when she sees a motel sign shining in the darkness: Bates Motel. But for Marion the nightmare is just beginning …

Norman Bates was reading a book when he realised the noise was rain against his window. Thinking how much better off he was sitting in his clean and orderly parlour, rather than being outside catching his death of cold.

His reading matter got him thinking, and he closed his eyes to imagine a flaying man, and well, the thought was pretty gory.

Almost everyone has seen the film made famous by Alfred Hitchcock based on this book by Robert Bloch.

Norman Bates is a name synonymous with psychopathic tendency and an unhealthy relationship with his mother. Even though he is forty years old, she calls him boy,  the woman makes Norman sick.

Norman is a transvestite with Oedipus complex and it is this that the book vaguely covers as a reason for his ‘murderous mind’.

The only difference from the film, is that Norman is a fat bespectacled man and not the reed thin smartish type portrayed by the fabulous Anthony Perkins.

I loved reading this book as it gave a more in-depth aspect to Normans mind, although the film was brilliantly brought to life, I feel it  kind of missed.



PSYCHO 2 Robert Bloch

51BhSSJOqJL._AA160_Pub: Corgi

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the shower…For the last twenty years, Norman Bates has been in a state hospital for the criminally insane. With the help of his psychiatrist, Norman appears to have been cured of his mother fixation, and now decides that he wants to get out. His opportunity arises when he is visited by a nun. He kills her, uses her habit as a disguise – and escapes. The psycho murders are about to start again…

Norman, now the librarian of the State Hospital where he has been incarcerated, is looking out of the window.

Not crazy anymore, with the help of Dr Claibourne, he now knows who is and who is not.

Sister Barbara and Sister Cupentine are visiting the hospital with the intention of doing a kindness for the patients and Sister Barbara, who previously studied Psychology, hopes that this will lead to a meeting with the notorious Norman Bates. Talking of Normans treatment and progress she is pleased that Dr Claibourne will introduce her. This was to be her first and last mistake.

Psycho 2 by Robert Bloch is every bit as murderous and bloody as his first novel. It focuses on Normans revenge, although Norman calls this justice, on the people who put him away. Including Sam and Lila Loomis. Lila, as you remember was Mary’s (the girl in the shower) sister. She and Sam, Mary’s lover, are now married and have every reason to be fearful.

If you have seen the film of Psycho 2 you will know that the book and the film tell two different stories. This second in the Bates tale is so much better so don’t be fooled into not reading and decide to watch the film instead.

The story of Norman takes a different turn to what you might expect, and I was surprised by the twist.

Robert Bloch’s imagination must have unknown terrors, as Normans continuing story just gets better.



51xU8tipt8L._SX313_BO1,204,203,200_ Pub: Tor Books

The new Bates Motel is a tourist attraction, a recreation of the murder site, and the developers are already counting their profits. But now there’s a new exhibit, one nobody expected: the bloody corpse of a teenage girl crumpled in the front hall, stabbed to death. Among the avalanche of press and publicity is reporter Amelia Haines, true-crime book writer. She’s studying the original Psycho killings and to Amy, the new murders are a golden opportunity – if she can be part of the investigation, perhaps track down the killer herself, then her fame, and her fortune, will be assured. But catching the madman won’t be easy…the town is full of suspects, and Amy’s best informants keep turning up murdered. If she isn’t careful, Amelia Haines may be the next permanent guest at the Bates Motel..

Terry and Mick have managed to take the keys to the newly rebuilt Bates Motel.

Now primed as a museum. complete with a waxwork of a girl in the shower and a doorbell with the voice of Norman Bates.

Built by Fatso Otto, the girls just wanted to snoop before the grand opening. Going down to the fruit cellar scared them the most, because ‘Mother’ would be there, only when they got there ‘Mother’ was gone and only one girl left the house alive.

Amy Haines, a true crime writer, just like Mary Crane, (the girl in the shower) was travelling in the rain and headed for Fairvale, hoping to research for her new book.

Psycho House can be read as standalone, as it covers the basic story of Norman Bates, and with mixed reviews for this, the third, of Robert Bloch’s novels covering the crazy and addictive tale of Norman and his obsession with his mother. I loved it.

This is as story as much about the residents of Fairvale and the effects of Normans legacy as it is about the recent murderous events that are happening at the Bates Motel.

Robert Bloch has managed to enthrall me with his continuing saga of Bates and even though this trilogy was written in the 1980’s it has managed to stand the test of time and doesn’t at all seem dated.

One thing that Bloch manages to do is to convince us that not all crazies happen to be locked up in asylums, most of them are living and breathing in main stream society.





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