After the Lie Kerry Fisher

cover83847-medium Pub: Bookouture

One little lie can make one big difference …

Lydia has the ‘right’ kind of friends, her children are at the ‘right’ kind of school and she’s married to the ‘right’ sort of man – kind, steady, reliable Mark. Her wedding business is flourishing and even though she is at loggerheads with her mother, she couldn’t ask for anything more from life.

But the truth is that Lydia has been lucky. She has been living a lie for years and Mark has no idea who he is really married to. But nothing lasts forever and the past has a funny way of catching up with the present. When the person who knows all of Lydia’s dark little secrets turns up at the school gates, his presence threatens to blow Lydia’s life apart.

What is Lydia’s terrible truth? Once the secret is out, you can’t put it back …

1982 was the year that defined Lydia’s whole life.

A crucial 1o minute decision would shape her and her family’s life forever. Now 30 years later a chance meeting with someone from the past threaten Lydia and her mother’s lives and rake up a secret they thought they had long buried.

Kerry Fisher’s novel is woven with funny and amusing narratives, it is also filled with moments that fill you with dread as Lydia tries to keep the lid on her shameful secret, that she has kept from her husband and her well-to-do friends.

I loved this book. We all have childhood memories that have the ‘cringe-factor’ and ones we try not to remember, but Lydia’s secret is beyond anything I can imagine having to go through and Ms Fisher captures Lydia’s fears perfectly.

Lydia is caught between deciding to telling her husband or not, and  his friendship with the Mcallisters only heighten her anxiety.

I loved Jamie and his penchant for calling almost everyone a ‘dickhead’ or a ‘knob’, and Lydia’s mother who is a complete snob got my sympathy. She did what she thought was right and as any mother will testify, that is quite a marvelous and difficult thing.





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