The Letter Kathryn Hughes

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Every so often a love story comes along to remind us that sometimes, in our darkest hour, hope shines a candle to light our way. Discover the Number One bestseller that has captured thousands of hearts worldwide…

Tina Craig longs to escape her violent husband. She works all the hours God sends to save up enough money to leave him, also volunteering in a charity shop to avoid her unhappy home. Whilst going through the pockets of a second-hand suit, she comes across an old letter, the envelope firmly sealed and unfranked. Tina opens the letter and reads it – a decision that will alter the course of her life for ever…

Billy Stirling knows he has been a fool, but hopes he can put things right. On 4th September 1939 he sits down to write the letter he hopes will change his future. It does – in more ways than he can ever imagine…

The Letter tells the story of two women, born decades apart, whose paths are destined to cross and how one woman’s devastation leads to the other’s salvation.

Tina’s life is miserable. Married to Rick who is an abusive drunken bully and controls her  every move in the name of love.

Working in a charity shop she finds an unposted letter in a donated suit pocket and sets on journey to find the recipient.

Billy Stirling, whose story of his adoption and his life before it is both sad and poignant. Girls loved Billy, but it was Chrissie who eventually stole his heart and the person to whom the letter is written.

War is declared and Chrissie discovers that the old wives tale of not being able to get pregnant whilst standing up is completely untrue.

With the settings of Manchester and Ireland Kathryn Hughes novel tells a tale that is both heartbreaking and beautiful. It is a captivating and stirring read that will completely break the readers heart then piece it back together with momentous joy.

Tina  and Chrissie’s lives are connected by circumstance and the events that eventually bring them together is an emotional road.

Kathryn Hughes is able to tell a tale that has a hint of true fact and a lot of fictional charm. I loved this novel, even though I was a complete mess while reading.

It would make a fabulous book club read, as there are a lot of issues surround the main characters.




2 thoughts on “The Letter Kathryn Hughes

  1. I adored this book!! I hadn’t even really wanted to buy it but thought “what the hell it’s cheap” when in was putting books onto my Kindle for my hols. Even then it sat there for ages! Then I could have kicked myself after that I had such a fantastic story in my possession the whole time!! x

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