Who Are You Megan Henley

51XI+z+cx7L._AA160_Pub: Harper Element

A dramatic and terrifying memoir of a ‘catfish’ scenario – when a woman meets a man online but nothing is what it seems.

25-year-old Megan Henley put her five-year-old daughter to bed one evening and switched on her laptop. A Facebook ‘friend request’ seemed to be genuine. There were a few common friends and very similar interests, so Megan accepted.

With that one simple act, she changed her life forever. In her words: ‘looking back on it, it was as if I had opened my front door to a stranger, as if I had thrown away every precaution I’d ever put in place, as if I had freely given access to my whole world – all because of some naïve belief that it was ‘just’ a friend request on a social media site.’ Megan is tricked into a relationship, paranoia and ultimately betrayal by the man she loved and trusted but nothing is as it seems.

Megan tells her story in such a way that I felt I was sitting with her and listening to her relate the events of some unbelievable nightmare.

From her childhood to the present this is  a tale of good and bad. It is also very cautionary. How many of  us ‘click’ on a friend request not knowing anything about that person and think nothing of it.

Megan did just that, and that is when her life as she knew it spiraled out of her control, leaving her and her children scared and vulnerable.

To be honest, at times I wondered whether Megan had ’embellished’ the truth in order to sensationalise her story, such are the extraordinary  and bizarre accounts of her time spent with Vic.  I wondered why she was so blind to what was happening when as a reader it was obvious that this man wasn’t who he made himself out to be. The warning signs were definitely there.

However, as a I am a woman who met my husband ‘online’ I know I am one of the lucky ones and I have known people who have gotten involved with online relationships that haven’t been ‘real’ or genuine.

Vic is a complete nut job, and Megan, blinded by love or some kind of genuine sense of human kindness let him into her life, trusted him and believed him.

Who Are You is a warning and hopefully sends a message to us all that not everyone is as honest and has the  best of intentions.


4 thoughts on “Who Are You Megan Henley

  1. Thanks for your review, this book is my story. I’ve just set up my own blog through which I will discuss issues raised in the book, and my journey of recovery of being in a relationship with a psychopath. If you want to check it out I’d love to hear from you.

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    1. such a ‘interesting’ tale.. it’s difficult to use the right words when dealing with a true life story. I hope I didn’t offend you and thank you for your honest account. I think these books help women deal with their own situations better if they know there are more people going through the same thing x much love Megan x


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