Signature Kill David Levien

51m7zdRjP0L._AA160_Pub: Transworld


A corpse discovered. A woman. Dismembered. Twisted. Grotesquely reassembled.

This is the work of a dangerous, psychopathic serial killer. Someone who goes about his daily business unseen, slipping under the radar.

And ex-cop Frank Behr has somehow got himself involved.

As Behr is drawn further and further in to the murky underworld, he finds that the line between good and evil is more blurry than he ever thought

PC Denny Hawkins has found a body…or parts of it.

Frank Behr is hunting a deer and very soon he will hunting a different kind of prey.

After seeing a missing girl on a billboard, he decides to try and discover what has happened to her. With a possible reward of $100,000 that  Kendra Gibbons mother has raised for information leading to the whereabouts of her daughter. Has Kendra just simply gone off for a better life with a man or is the latest victim of a savage serial killer?

I do love a fabulous serial killer and David Levien has created a psychotic savage that does not disappoint. This man is brutal and at times this novel is not a pretty read.

The killer is obsessive, he follows his victims, choosing them to suit his needs and gets to know them by their routines and movements, by giving them a nickname he remembers them. I loved Franks slow understanding of the killers mind.

The plot of this read moves fantastically well, it is a pacy and gripping tale and at times the suspense is heart-stoppingly good. If I have any ‘disappointments’ with it, its the ending. I didn’t expect it and was something I wouldn’t have thought of. This however does not make Signature Kill any less of a harrowing and thrilling read. I loved it.





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