Beyond the Surf HWNeild

28870538 Pub: Amazon Media

A young woman’s dream.
A mercenary tycoon seizing the opportunity.
Islands ripe with potential.
…. All in the throes of coming of age through political unrest …….

Kayte King lives to kitesurf. Financially broke in her windless hometown, Kayte’s spirits sink to all new levels. When an all-expenses paid invite to The Martinez Islands presents itself, to promote tourism with the potential to break her current world record — a once in lifetime opportunity — Kayte grabs it.

Accompanied by her boyfriend, Steve, she travels to the islands with high hopes and expectations. They link up with their American counterparts and form the kitesurfing group that will attract tourism the islands desperately need.

Mercenary leader, Roger MacGill, brought in to eliminate anarchy, is tasked with the formation and training of a local police force. Stability temporarily subdued, MacGill has capitalised on the island’s beauty and invests in its modernisation. But, MacGill is now dangerously low on funds and desperate to see returns on his investment.

The kitesurfing contingency’s arrival rocks local interest. Fascinated by the kites, yet wary of foreigners, their apprehension bubbles to the surface. Storm clouds gather. The political unrest that follows, threatens to shatter all their dreams

Kayte  King and her boyfriend Steve are on a plane journey that will take them to the sun, sea and kitesurfing, and also the chance of winning 15,000 dollars.  Kayte is happy at last to be receiving good news, her boyfriend Steve had an accident and now cannot enjoy the sport, so he his feeling rather miserable.

Off to paradise as the current female champion, she has been invited to the Martinez Islands to help promote the sport for the tourism industry. So with two tickets and an all expenses paid trip she arrives at the Splendid hotel to find no phone coverage and an order not to the leave due to the ‘badness’ that is around.

Roger Macgill, now known as Omar is a mercenary, and at his introduction the reader gets a feeling that something sinister is about to happen. Roger is very rich and very powerful.

Beyond the Surf is a fabulous twisty tale, it is also as one line in the book says ‘ a true feast for the senses’. I really was transported by the descriptions of the colors, the smells and the warmth of this amazing summer read.

It is well plotted, and is an intense and edgy tale. I never thought that I would be so interested in such a sporty read. The youthful style of speak combined with the scary realism of military unrest is quite a joy to read. There is a lot of interesting characters,most of whom add a riveting element of danger.

Beyond the Surf is a wild and captivating read.  I loved it .







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