The First Wife Erica Spindler

51UoE8b-iOL._AA160_Pub: Sphere, Little Brown Books

Despite the ten-year age gap and the differences in their backgrounds, Bailey was meant to be with Logan – she’s sure of it. It’s natural that they should marry as soon as they can.

But when Logan brings Bailey home to his magnificent estate on ninety wooded acres, her dreams of happily-ever-after begin to unravel. She can’t ignore the rumours about what happened to Logan’s first wife and then when a local woman goes missing, all signs point to her husband.

Has Bailey made a terrible mistake trusting Logan? What happened to his first wife? Suddenly Bailey is facing an impossible decision: should she believe what everyone is saying, or should she bet her life on the man she loves, but hardly knows?

Bailey Browne is on holiday after the passing of her mother. She meets Logan Abbott and after a whirlwind romance returns to Wholesome, New Orleans and the Abbotts Farm with Logan as his wife.

Getting to know her new husband was disturbing for Bailey, the local Chief of Police thinks he might be involved in the disappearance of his first wife as well as a couple of girls that have also been deemed dead or missing.

Erica Spindler’s novel is an easy read full of intrigue and interest. It is a compulsive tale,and one where the reader will change their minds frequently about who is to blame and what has really happened.

Logan’ s family and his friends are all a bit ‘chaotic, but that’s not so surprising given that local people have used the term ‘death follows that family’ on more than one occasion.

It is very cleverly written and how Erica take us to the final climatic end was rather quite enjoyable.




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