A Trick of the Mind Penny Hancock

51yxRAfWF2L._AA160_Pub: Simon and Schuster

Have you committed a crime … or are you the victim of one?

Driving down to the cottage in Southwold she’s newly inherited from her Aunty May, Ellie senses she is on the edge of something new. The life she’s always dreamed of living as a successful artist seems as though it is about to begin. So excited is she that she barely notices when the car bumps against something on the road.

That evening Ellie hears a news flash on the radio. A man was seriously injured in a hit and run on the very road she was driving down that evening. Then Ellie remembers the thump she heard. Could she have been responsible for putting a man in hospital? Unable to hold the doubts at bay, she decides to visit the victim to lay her mind to rest, little knowing that the consequences of this decision will change her life forever.

Ellie has inherited her Aunty Mays house, a little rundown, but it’s near the sea and Ellie has fond memories of her childhood there.

After her Aunt committed suicide, Ellie decides to have her friends down to the house, and while she was on her way her car hits something. Thinking it was just a branch Ellie continues her journey without another thought.

This episode is the beginning of a nightmare for Ellie and she finds herself ‘connected’ to Patrick in a way that at times seems surreal.

While reading, I found myself thinking up several possibilities for Ellie’s plight, even the age old dilemma of it all ‘being a dream’. However the reality was much more psychological and menacing.

I enjoyed reading this novel, but for me I didn’t really buy into the scenario that was set. I am drawn to plots that draw the reader into a relateable  tale and this one didn’t do that for me. I understand that it is a work of fiction, and if read just as a story then this is a great book.

It has suspense, and Patrick playing his mind games with Ellie is quite something.



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