The Secret of the Cathars Michael Hillier

413KCX9RqBL._AA160_Pub: KSF Publishing

Philips Sinclair’s grandmother has recently died. She leaves him the unusual legacy of the translated journal of his ancient ancestor, who was one of the four Cathar perfecti who escaped from the castle of Montségur with the ‘treasure of the Cathars’ strapped to his back – a treasure which has never been found. She also leaves him a sum of money with the request that he travels to the Pyrenean fastness of le Bézu where she believes the treasure still lies.
Meanwhile the famous young French archaeologist Jaqueline Blontard has arrived at le Bézu to start excavations as part of her new television series about the Albigensian Crusade. She believes her team will have the summer to uncover the secrets of the place before they are disturbed by the press and the authorities.
However the Roman Catholic Church already knows about their plans and has arranged for their agent to join the archaeologists. Also a secret but very influential body in Paris is sending their man to watch the excavations. Furthermore a criminal gang in Marseilles has become involved in the search for the treasure.
The archaeologists are suspicious of Philip but allow him to join them. As they start to uncover the secrets of le Bézu they find themselves in a race to make the information public before they are overwhelmed in a maelstrom of violence caused by the forces trying to stop them so that they can claim the treasures for their own illegal ends.

The authors note at the beginning of his book is extremely interesting, it is informative and helpful to the understanding of the main topic of the novel.

Philip Sinclair is summoned to Smyth and Baker Solicitors to find out that his Grandmother has recently passed away and named him as her heir.

He also discovers that she has left him quite a considerable amount of money, her very large house and a task.

The task is a treasure hunt, and the treasure is the ‘lost’ Cathar treasure. Obviously he isn’t the only one searching for this treasure, Andre Jolyan and Jacqueline, a well known archaeologist is also on the trail.

I enjoyed the setting of this book, the Languedoc region sounds just perfect, and the fascinating history of the Cathars is one I have read about in a number of novels, this book is predominantly about Philip and his mission.

There are a lot of characters, and the plot progresses at a steady pace.

I loved it,



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