Find Her Lisa Gardner

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My name is Flora Dane and I was kidnapped from a beach on spring break. I spent 472 days with my captor before I was found.


I spent the last five years trying to reacquaint myself with the rhythms of my life. But everything is different. I’ve had to learn how to protect myself in this dangerous new world.


There are other predators out there and I’ll do anything to stop them. Am I a victim or a vigilante? Detective D. D. Warren doesn’t know. Sometimes neither do I.

When another girl disappears, I know I have to FIND HER, whatever it takes, even if it means putting myself in danger…

Escaped kidnap victim Flora Dane has once again disappeared. Has the self-proclaimed vigilante become a victim? Or is something far more sinister at play? D.D. will have to race against the clock if she is going to Find Her.

As a chronic claustrophobic, I can’t even be in a room with the door closed’ Find Her is THE most intense, unrelenting read I have ever read. Flora’s ordeal of being in a coffin, described in detail of her thoughts and feelings will stay with me for a long time.

It is pacy and brilliant with characters that never cease to scare and excite.

This is a book that any review will undoubtedly give away spoilers so I can’t say much about the plot, but it is a riveting and nerve racking tale. Lisa Gardner is  a genius with how she has explored the inner mind of victims and their captors.

Every page is filled with tension and suspense. It is a deep and involving novel, and one I call a ‘grabber’.

I read in one sitting, and I was just blown away it’s intensity and weightiness.

Truly a contender for ‘Book of the Year’.




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