The Woman Who Ran Sam Baker

26842491 Pub: Harper Collins


When someone is under your skin, there is only so far you can run…She can run. But can she hide?

Helen Graham is a new arrival in a tiny Yorkshire village, renting dilapidated Wildfell Hall. The villagers are intensely curious – what makes her so jumpy and why is she so evasive? Their interest is Helen’s worst nightmare. Looking over her shoulder every day, she tries to piece together her past before it can catch up with her. With everything she knows in fragments, from her marriage to her career as a war photographer, how can she work out who to trust and what to believe? Most days she can barely remember who she is…

‘Oh My’

This book does not take you where you think you are going.

Not a read I can ‘tell’ you about without revealing spoilers, I will tell you how much I enjoyed it.

It had me hooked from the first page and taking me from Paris to North Yorkshire and everywhere in between it is an adventure I enjoyed.

It is pacy, exciting and has a little bit of everything, romance, sadness, thrills and suspense that will keep it’s reader utterly gripped.

Wildfell Hall, taken from Anne Bronte’s novel, is a wonderful setting. Foreboding and dark it added to the ‘mood’ of Helen’s ordeal and I really did expect ghosts to go BOO.

An incredible, fantastic read, I only wished I could read faster.



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