Try Not To Breathe Holly Seddon



Alex is sinking. Slowly but surely, she’s cut herself off from everything but her one true love – drink. Until she’s forced to write a piece about a coma ward, where she meets Amy.

Amy is lost. When she was fifteen, she was attacked and left for dead in a park. Her attacker was never found. Since then, she has drifted in a lonely, timeless place. She’s as good as dead, but not even her doctors are sure how much she understands.

Alex and Amy grew up in the same suburbs, played the same music, flirted with the same boys. And as Alex begins to investigate the attack, she opens the door to the same danger that has left Amy in a coma…

Amy is fifteen, a girl with the world at her feet and whose secret shows she is a little girl trying to fit in a grown up world.

Alex, an alcoholic whose life has car-crashed, is trying to piece together the facts of the horrific  attack that has left Amy in a coma for fifteen years.

Try Not To Breathe, gives a fascinating insight into patients who are in a vegetative state, and it’s quite hard to believe that this is Holly Seddons debut novel.

It has mystery and suspense by the bucket load and although there are a few ‘suspects’, I didn’t correctly guess. The final reveal made me gasp.

Peppered throughout with Amys thoughts, and vivid descriptions of Alexs struggle with alcohol on a day to day basis, makes this tale a believable and well paced read.

This book is captivating, and was a one sit read for me. It is emotive and is an outstanding psychological thriller. I feel as though I have been on a roller-coaster, such are the ups and downs, twists and turns and one I am happy to recommend.




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