The Bad Things Mary – Jane Riley

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Alex Devlin’s life changed forever fifteen years ago when her sister Sasha’s two small children were snatched in broad daylight. Little Harry’s body was found a few days later, but Millie’s remains were never discovered.

Now Jackie Wood, jailed as an accessory to the twins’ murder, has been released, her conviction quashed by the Appeal Court. Convinced Jackie can reveal where Millie is buried, Alex goes to meet her.

But the unexpected information Wood reveals shocks Alex to the core and threatens to uncover the dark secret she has managed to keep under wraps for the past fifteen years. Because in the end, can we ever really know what is in the hearts of those closest to us?

The murder of Alex Devlins  niece and nephew is the topic of Mary – Jane Rileys gripping debut novel The Bad Things.

Jackie Wood, previously jailed for being an accessory to the four year old twins murder is now out, after having her conviction overturned. The murderer Martin Jessop killed himself three months into his sentence.

Alex is a journalist, and asks for a chance to interview Jackie in the hope of unanswered questions concerning the murders. Permission granted, Jackie asks Alex a question loaded with intrigue and suggestion.

This book is brilliant. It is emotive, with strong characters and a viewpoint from them all. Although I didn’t really ‘take’ to any of them the tale is extraordinary. and the uncovering of the secrets, lies and lives of all of them, I found myself  captivated. Every one of the characters has a secret that affects one of the others. It is a sensational plot.

The suspense is a killer and this is a read to be devoured and I read it in one sitting.  A twisty tale with a tense psychological plot, it is pleasing that a debut novel is so well written and enjoyable.

Mary -Jane has written a fresh, original and thrilling account of revenge, sadness and jealousy, and I look forward to her next offering.



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