Forget Me Not Luana Lewis

61A8OKWOM8L._AA160_ Pub: Corgi

A tragic suicide?

When Rose’s daughter, Vivien, is found dead in a suspected suicide, Rose has questions nobody can answer. Wasn’t Vivien living the perfect life? A caring husband, a sweet little girl of her own.

Or the perfect murder?

But as the police investigation develops, their findings raise new questions. Did Vivien kill herself, or was she attacked? If so, who has something to hide?

As Rose struggles to piece together the secrets of her daughter’s life, the cracks in the family begin to show. But once Rose knows the answers, there’s no going back…

The prologue of Forget Me Not is interesting, ending with the line, ‘ I am not really here, I never was,’  – the suspense is there from the beginning.

Reading about Rose, Vivian’s mother, I wondered what the hell her problem was, her daughter has just been found dead in the bathroom, and she just seems so cold, as if she is hiding something.

Even before Vivians death, you can tell the characters have not been happy. There is much to learn about them and the secrets they keep.

Rose is the narrator of this amazing and intense read, and its her that says that immortal line that I have mentioned. Her story of her daughters life and death is sad and extreme. As you can imagine, a mother losing her only child can only be gut – wrenchingly awful. Her sadness is severe and deep and it fills every page of Luana Lewis’s brilliant novel.

This tale is just one big tragedy, it is fascinating and very different from most thrillers and it is deeply unsettling. The psychology of each of the characters is fantastically portrayed, Luana has managed to ensure the reader dislikes but also feels compassion towards those involved.

Forget Me Not is a novel that I enjoyed and read in one sitting, I just could not put it down. It is absorbing and disturbing in equal measures.



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