Ursula’s Secret Mairi Wilson

51zmecpTwYL._AA160_ Pub: Black & White Publishing

In just a few heartbreaking days, Lexy Shaw’s world has fallen apart. After her mother is killed in a tragic hit-and-run, her mother’s childhood guardian, Ursula, also dies suddenly, leaving everything to Lexy. But as Lexy reads through Ursula’s hidden papers, what she discovers raises doubts about her own identity and if she really is now all alone in the world.

Desperate to find out if she has any surviving family, Lexy travels to Africa hoping she can unravel the mystery she’s now tormented by, only to find that she’s stumbled into a past full of lies and deceit and that her life is in grave danger.

I was completely captured from the beginning of Ursula’s Secret, enveloped in the mystery and memories of Ursula and the beauty of her home. With it’s ‘smiling’ staircase and Lexy’s obvious wonder I was lost to the tale and it’s descriptive content.

Lexy is left an inheritance, her second, after her mother dies she discovers that her mothers friend has also gone.
Lexy always believed that Ursula died long before and was surprised that her mother had kept in touch and was planning a visit to Ursula, she wonders why her mother Isobel had kept it secret.

As you can tell by the title, they are a lot of secrets to be discovered, and it’s difficult to talk about this fabulous read without spoilers.

Lexy travels to Malawi to try and find out Ursula and her mothers history only to find that her life may be in danger.

The suspense of ‘what happens next’ is a killer, I almost went to the last few chapters to satisfy my curiosity, however I held out and was so glad I did. Mairi Wilson has written a belter of a tale. A lot goes on and travelling through Malawi and Ross-shire with the characters was amazing. The reader really does feel as though they are in that fictional world.

Ursula’s Secret is about family and the importance and value of the relationships. There is sadness and shock and a twist I didn’t see coming.

I loved this read.



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