The Locker Adrian Magson

cover71624-medium Pub: Midnight Ink

Hello, Nancy.

You’re at your usual locker at Fitness Plus. The time is 9:15. Your cell phone is dead, your home phone won’t answer and your daughter, Beth, is alone with her nanny.

It will take you eighteen minutes to get home. If you drive fast.

Shame. You’re already eighteen minutes late . . .

The kidnappers’ only stipulation is that Nancy must tell her husband, Michael.

Her only problem is, she doesn’t know where he is. But she recalls him mentioning a number she must call if anything unusual happens. This triggers a Code Red at specialist security company Cruxys Solutions, who send investigators Ruth Gonzales and Andy Vaslik to track him down.

But they can’t find a single trace of him.

What do you do when a child’s life depends on finding a man who doesn’t seem to exist?

This book is a hard-hitter.

It starts with Nancy receiving a note that tells her that her daughter has been kidnapped. Her husband, a Charity worker is the only person who is to know about this and she is warned not to involve the police.

The Locker is a book that will keep you gripped and engrossed. Half way through it changes and the reader enters a world of.. well.. everything. From Aid work to money laundering. I was simply fascinated by how this plot evolves. This is not just a child abduction tale, the themes are current and topical.

Adrian Magson has clearly done his homework, the amount of research he has done for this book must have been a feat in itself. As well as reading a sharp, intelligent novel, I actually feel like I have learned something about the work of the characters involved.

My favorite character was Clarisse, I would love to be as kick-ass as she, and I wonder if Adrian has any ideas to involve her in another book. I would love to know more about her life and what drives her to be as she is.

I could not stop reading this one and I read it in one sitting. As much as I hate the term, The Locker is a ‘page-turner’ and there is no doubt that Adrian Magson is at the top of the tree with this book.



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