Then You Were Gone Claire Moss

cover71010-medium Pub: Carina UK

Could you leave the one you love?

Mack was that guy, the one who had it all. The looks, the charm and that twinkle in his clear blue eyes. Yet, after those first few moments of meeting him, Simone just knew he was the one. Four days ago, Mack told Simone he loved her – and then disappeared without a trace.

Now Simone is forced to question everything she ever knew about Mack – and whether it was all a lie. Determined to find him before the trail goes cold, she’ll do anything to uncover the truth. But how do you find someone who doesn’t want to be found?

And what if his secret is best left buried…

Mack is missing. His Girlfriend Simone is thinking of calling the police, but he could be just avoiding her.

Then Simone and his friend Jazzy receive a letter and so starts the mystery.

Then You Were Gone is riveting, there are lots of questions to be asked and it’s very entertaining, modern with a current theme. Trying to find him, she uncovers things about him she never knew. The plot does keep the reader curious.

This is an easy read, not too heavy where the reader has to guess what happens next. Claire Moss ‘helps’ the reader place all the pieces. It is a little predictable but I would recommend for a rainy weekend.



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