The Number 8 Joel Arcanjo

cover66563-medium Pub: Carina UK

The trip of a lifetime could be murder…

When Dante’s best friend Asmir offers to pay for them both to take a bus trip around New Zealand, he leaps at the opportunity. He needs to get away from it all for a while; the recent loss of his uncle, the end of his relationship, even his uni course.

But as they set off on their scenic adventure, Dante and Asmir quickly realise that their trip might not be quite as relaxing as they had first thought. The bus is full, the trip long and the mix of different personalities could be deadly. When events take a sinister turn, Dante and Asmir begin to wonder if they’ll make it back home…alive.

What came out of a Not Guilty verdict was a death threat.

Asmir and Dante’s holiday to New Zealand, included a three week bus tour on The Number 8, with a group of other young people. When an accident happens it really sets in motion events that you do not see coming.

The suspense killed me as I was eager to know what exactly was going on, and whether Dante’s concerns were valid. Dante is an over-thinker, he questions everything and his friend Asmir is a willing and eager accomplice.

The plot thickens and the intensity heightens as we learn the facts of this tale and there are some amazing descriptions of the places, such as the waterfall and I loved the Maori evening. This is a book that makes you feel involved.

My favorite line is, ‘a photograph is really just a paused moment’, and I thought that Asmir’s photography would have played a bigger part in the eventual outcome.

Joel Arcanjo has written a blinder of a novel with a plot that really is quite different. The relationships between all the characters are believable and the trip is one I would like to have been on.

The one thing that I found disturbing and had to google was the EYELID piercing.  I had no idea that this could be done!! or even why someone would feel the need.

This is a novel that I will remember and one that I am happy to recommend.



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