BLOG TOUR – Please Don’t Leave Me Here Tania Chandler

51nGI4Q-BvL._AA160_ Pub: Scribe Publications

Kurt Cobain stands at the top of the stairs, wearing the brown sweater. ‘Please don’t leave me,’ she yells up at him. But it’s too late; he’s turning away as the tram slows for the stop out on the street. Then she’s lying on the road. Car tyres are going past, slowly. Somebody is screaming. A siren howls. Sweet voices of little children are singing ‘Morningtown Ride’. Is Brigitte a loving wife and mother, or a cold-blooded killer? Nobody knows why she was in the east of the city so early on the morning she was left for dead by a hit-and-run driver. It was the Friday before Christmas 1994 – the same day police discovered the body of a man beaten to death in her apartment. Fourteen years later, Brigitte is married to the detective who investigated the murder, which she claims to have lost her memory of in the car accident. They have young twins, and seem to be a happy family. Until the reopening of the cold case. Please Don’t Leave Me Here is about loss, love and lies. It is about pain, fear, and memory. And, above all, it is about letting go.

This book for me was a hard one. I just didn’t get the music references although reminding me of how great Nick Cave is, spurred me to dig out my copy of ‘The Murder Ballads’.

Brigitte meets Aidan at Manny’s  Dead Celeb fancy dress party, her husband is a cop and Brigitte soon finds out that Aidan is too and is a colleague of Sams.

Please Don’t Leave Me Here is a mystery that plays out on every page, but the biggest mystery is Brigitte herself. It is all about a murder that takes place many years before, Eric Tucker is found with his head bashed in and Brigitte is a person of interest.

Brigitte’s past is dirty and sordid, she was a dancer in a strip club but in reality all she wants is to settle down, have a normal job and be loved. The only people she feels she can really rely on are her grandparents. Reading of her early life is what brought this book to life for me.

I feel there is a lot missing from this tale, such as not a lot is mentioned of her memory loss, and the ending doesn’t  really add things up and finish things.  It has quite a modern feel to it and is a debut. I think Tania Chandler is one to watch out for as I liked the style of this book, but I do hope her next read will be a little more polished.


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2 thoughts on “BLOG TOUR – Please Don’t Leave Me Here Tania Chandler

  1. Great concise review, Tracy. Read mixed reports on this one – some loved it; others like you, weren’t so convinced. Interesting premise – especially her being married to the original investigating detective…!


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