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Fame, fortune and five-star luxury. Meet four fabulous women – all of them hold a dark secret… one of them won’t live to tell the tale.

Nancy Arlow– thefading entertainer determined to gamble and charm her way out of a mountain of debt.

Laura Everettbehind the façade of the perfect politician’s wifelies a woman with an outrageous past and a spiraling drug habit.

Portia Safari– the world famous opera diva, adored by millions, has it all, but could her secret drinking problem cost her everything?

Martha Éclair– The millionaire wine heiress whose appetite for kinky sex could bring down her father’s business empire.

Each woman must face their own addiction before they pay the ultimate price…

Don’t let ‘the strains of Ave Maria’ fool you. This is no nuns story.

Addicted is one horny ride, it is flirty, filthy.. oh and there is a murder.

The main four women are all fabulous, from their manicured fingernails to their La Perla knickers. This is the 80’s personified. All Addicted to something, whether that be drugs, gambling or plain old alcohol. These women are funny, rude, rich and fabulous.

The sex scenes will make even the most frigid and puritanical of us aware that we are alive, and I suggest that if you have a partner, make sure they are available… you will want to do IT while reading.

Addicted will make your eyes water. It’s an orgasm waiting to happen, it really is a sexy read.

Reading Addicted I almost forgot about the murder and the mystery, even the suspense is well plotted. It is a glitzy, glamorous whodunnit.

I definitely needed a cold shower after reading.

E.L.James..Pah! and move over Jackie Collins, Nigel May is the readers Viagra.


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