BOOKOUTURE FORTNIGHT The Prodigal Sister Laura Elliot

cover64577-medium Pub: Bookouture

Cathy fled her Dublin home was she was just fifteen years old, and pregnant. Starting a new life in New Zealand with her son Conor, and new partner Lyle, she believes the secret she carries will never be revealed…

Rebecca was eighteen when her parents died and she took responsibility for her younger sisters. Years later, she is haunted by fears she hoped she’d conquered.

Freed from family duties, mother of three Julie is determined to recapture the dreams of her youth but at what price?

Married to a possessive older man, Lauren embarks on a frantic love affair that threatens to destabilise her fragile world.

Anxious to make peace with her three sisters, Cathy invites them to her wedding. But as the women journey together through New Zealand towards their reunion, they are forced to confront the past as the secret shared histories of the Lambert sisters are revealed.

Four sisters lose their parents in a car accident. Each have their own struggle and ways of dealing with their grief. Cathy has a secret that she never wants to share, and she runs away. Fifteen years later, she invites her sisters to her wedding and gives them the opportunity to meet her son Conor.

Funny, descriptive and emotional The Prodigal Sister is a story about family and bonding. I liked all the characters and could identify a little with them all. Having run away a couple of times in my life Cathy, for me was like a guardian angel. I did feel like I had buried a few demons reading about her.

The letters Cathy writes to her parents in heaven are just as I would imagine a child to write. They are very touching.

A truly engrossing read and one that I thoroughly enjoyed.


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