BOOKOUTURE FORTNIGHT Recipes for Melissa Teresa Driscoll

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Melissa Dance was eight years old when her mother died. They never got to say goodbye.

Seventeen years later, Melissa is handed a journal. As she smooths open the pages and begins to read her mother’s words, she is instantly transported back to her childhood.

But returning to her past is painful and memories of her mother’s beautiful face are a cruel reminder to Melissa that she’ll never see her again.

As Melissa slowly makes her way through the precious book, reading the snippets of advice and cooking the dishes from the recipes she is also shocked to learn of her mother’s secrets – secrets that if shared, could change Melissa’s world forever.

Melissa Dance, aged 25 has been given a book. Written by her mother who died when Melissa was eight, it contains recipes, photo’s and letters, along with details of her mother’s illness.
Along with the recipes, Eleanor gives advice, such as be kind and writes how she imagines her daughter to be.

The recipes such as Cheese Straws, Easter biscuits and Beouf Bourguignon, a specialty for birthdays, all come with a story, a memory.

With descriptions of ‘cream cheese goo’ and ‘explosive diarrhoea’ – don’t ask- Recipes for Melissa is an emotional read. As Melissa’s mother died of Breast cancer (not a spoiler) it is not a easy book to tackle, but Teresa Driscoll has written this tale in a way that the reader can almost escape the fact and champion Melissa as she strives to understand why her mother left this book to her and come to terms with secrets and make decisions for her own life. She has to decide to whether to marry Sam, the love of her life and certain factors help her reach her final decisions.

This book makes you cry. It is sensitively written and this makes it a winner.
The references to Cornwall took me back to my childhood and my youth, ( I lived there while growing up) and this made this story extra special for me.

It’s a heart-breaking read but one I loved reading. This one is staying on my shelf along with my favorites.


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