BLOG TOUR – A Very Big House in the Country Claire Sandy

615T+482QzL._AA160_ Pub: Pan

‘Holidays are about surviving the gaps between one meal and another.’
For one long hot summer in Devon, three families are sharing one very big house in the country. The Herreras: made up of two tired parents, three grumbling children and one promiscuous dog; the Littles: he’s loaded (despite two divorces and five kids), she’s gorgeous, but maybe the equation for a truly happy marriage is a bit more complicated than that; and the Browns, who seem oddly jumpy around people, but especially each other.
By the pool, new friendships blossom; at the aga door, resentments begin to simmer. Secret crushes are formed and secret cigarettes cadged by the teens, as the adults loosen their inhibitions with litres of white wine and start to get perhaps a little too honest …
Mother hen to all, Evie Herreras has a life-changing announcement to make, one that could rock the foundations of her family. But will someone else beat her to it?


I love it when an author takes the simplest of ideas for a book and makes it into something special. That is what Claire Sandy has done with A Very Big House in the Country.

Wellcome Manor is owned by Clive and Shen, The Browns and the Herreras join them for the Summer for fun, frolics and.. well.. what happens when three families, with not much in common and lots of kids get together is anyones guess.

The Manor has everything, a pool, a summerhouse and even a trampoline.

Claire Sandy has captured life perfectly. It’s funny, cringing, and simply fabulous. I loved it.

From feeding the healthy kids burgers to Shen’s diarizing sex, A Very Big House in the Country is an absolute riot. Every character is perfectly portrayed, even the dogs have personality.

This is the most perfect of perfect holiday read, I am exhausted.


Buy the book..


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