BLOG TOUR- The Secret Life and Curious Death of Miss Jean Milne Andrew Nicoll

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About the Author

After a brief stint as a lumberjack, Andrew Nicoll has spent his working life as a newspaper journalist. His first novel, The Good Mayor, was an international bestseller. Andrew is married with three children.
About the Book
A woman murdered. A crime unsolved. A mystery that has lasted a century. A hundred years ago, the true story of the brutal murder of Miss Jean Milne in a small seaside town captured the imagination of the whole country. A wealthy spinster who lived alone in a crumbling mansion, Miss Milne appeared to be the very model of respectability. But, behind the facade, Miss Milne was living a secret life. For a century, her murder has gone unsolved. Why was this quiet spinster tied up in her own home, tortured and brutally murdered? Who could have committed such a heinous crime in this quiet little town? Now, using newly-released evidence from police files, eye witness testimony hidden for a century and long forgotten newspaper reports from the scene, Andrew Nicoll has brought the case back from the dead to reveal the secrets of the little town where Jean Milne was murdered – the little town where he has spent his life. And the evidence has revealed that the quiet spinster found tied and tortured to death was not all that she seemed. Set in the heart of one of the wealthiest communities in the world, at the very height of the British Empire, it’s a shocking tale of class division, money, sex, lies, betrayal and murder. And, at last, after a hundred years, the curious death of Miss Jean Milne may finally have found a solution.
‘I fear there is something sorely amiss with Miss Milne up at Elmgrove.’
This is one of the most interesting books I have read in a long time. A tale based on a true life murder that happened more than 100 years ago.

Broughty Ferry Constabulary are investigating the brutal murder of Miss Jean Milne, found with her head bashed in and her feet tied. She was a lady of easy virtue, boasting sometimes of the men in her life and pretending to be younger than her years.

I loved the propriety of this novel and felt that I had to sit straight-backed to read it.

I loved the description of the ‘motor-car’ being a confidence trick and a ‘flash-in-the-pan.

Despite being about a brutal murder this tale is a simple and delightful read. The investigation is told as it happened and how Mr Sempill and Detective Lieutenant Trench discover the secrets about the murder.

Andrew Nicoll is a fabulous writer and captured my imagination, I was completely entranced, and although I thought about the case and made up my own mind about ‘whodunnit’ nothing could have prepared me for the ending of this story.

It is not a book to be rushed, but one to be savored, it is not intense but it is fascinating to read.

This is truly one of my favorites this year. It’s a brilliant little gem of a read.


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