Colour Me Mindful Anastasia Catris

CJoa3rLWoAAr_tt Pub: Orion

Pic ‘Stolen’ from Twitter image (it is rather lovely-sorry and thank you 🙂 )

Not just for kids anymore, colouring delivers a deeply satisfying experience that is almost meditative and colouring books are growing in popularity as anti-stress aids for adults.

Complete with intricately detailed and beautiful line-art, this book will depict breathtaking scenes of underwater landscapes.

Your mind will focus as you fill the pages with colour, becoming calm and reducing stress. This is mindful, simple therapy for adults that can be carried out every day.

With stunning illustrations to colour in and admire, this book provides a creative outlet and a deeply soothing mindful experience for those in need of a little artistic stress-busting.

Well  who would have thought that colouring-in for grown-ups would take off so fantastically.

It is fabulous for quiet time with a cuppa just to de-stress and relax.

Anastasia’s books are beautiful, with three different themes – Underwater, Birds and Tropical they really show what a talent she is.

Mindfulness is focusing your awareness on the here and now, although with these books it is very easy to get ‘lost’ in the moment and what you are trying to create. These bookish delights are absolutely fabulous for those with anxiety, stress and depression, although everyone who finds a little time for  some R & R will benefit.

These would make a lovely gift for someone, along with a pack of pencils it will give endless hours of fun and creativity.



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