BLOG TOUR – Center of Gravity Laura McNeil

cover61776-medium Pub: Thomas Nelson

About the Author
After six years behind the anchor desk at two CBS affiliates, Laura McNeill moved to the Alabama Gulf Coast to write full-time. Her novels, known for their endearingly flawed characters, illuminate the real life struggles that touch us all. A native of Upstate New York, she now lives in Mobile, Alabama, with her two growing boys.

The truth could cost her everything.

Her whole life, Ava Carson has been sure of one thing: she doesn’t measure up to her mother’s expectations. So when Mitchell Carson sweeps into her life with his adorable son, the ready-made family seems like a dream come true. In the blink of an eye, she’s married, has a new baby, and life is wonderful.

Or is it?

When her picture-perfect marriage begins unraveling at the seams, Ava convinces herself she can fix it. It’s temporary. It’s the stress. It’s Mitchell’s tragic history of loss.

If only Ava could believe her own excuses.

Mitchell is no longer the charming, thoughtful man she married. He grows more controlling by the day, revealing a violent jealous streak. His behavior is recklessly erratic, and the unanswered questions about his past now hint at something far more sinister than Ava can stomach. Before she can fit the pieces together, Mitchell files for divorce and demands full custody of their boys.

Fueled by fierce love for her children and aided by Graham Thomas, a new attorney in town —Ava takes matters into her own hands, digging deep into the past. But will finding the truth be enough to beat Mitchell at his own game?

Center of Gravity weaves a chilling tale, revealing the unfailing and dangerous truth that things—and people—are not always what they seem


‘How can I not be strong for my children? I will wear their love like armour.

Told from the viewpoints of the people involved in this tale, Center of Gravity is an interesting read. It builds up slowly and engages the reader, leading to an altogether uncomfortable end.

Ava is step-mother to Jack, mother to Sam and wife to Mitchell. Mitchell is an arrogant and controlling man who doesn’t want to be like his father.

Laura McNeil has written an emotive story. It is one that I read whilst holding my breath, Mitchell is truly a vile character. Unfortunately he is also seems very real, I imagine that for a lot of women in the same situation as Ava this book will ring true.

Center of Gravity is not a book I can say I ‘enjoyed’.. how can a you enjoy reading about such a subject? but it is a book I would recommend and one that will stay with me for a long long time.


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