BOOKOUTURE FORTNIGHT – A Sister’s Promise Renita D’Silva

51DZW5tgopL._AA160_ Pub: Bookouture

Two sisters. Bound by blood. Torn apart by love.

My sister – the glue that held our family together and the gatekeeper to the memories of our shared childhood.

The girl I made a pact with – to protect each other for life.

The woman who destroyed my family, my future.

And the only one who can save my daughter.

When you read the sentence, ‘Let’s make a promise to love and look out for each for ever.’ you know something is going to go drastically wrong.

Set in India A Sister’s Promise is rich and powerful.

Kushi is a formidable young woman and when she is attacked her mother Sharda is forced to ask Puja, her sister to keep her promise made many years ago.

A Sister’s Promise is about family and all it holds dear. Love, betrayal, anger and eventually forgiveness. You will cry, laugh and hold your own family a tiny bit closer when you see them next.

A beautiful tale that endeavors and succeeds to delight and enthrall.

Renita D’Silva has written a masterpiece.


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