The Hiding Place John Burley

51nn-jhTlYL._AA160_ Pub: Avon

Dr Lise Shields works with the most deadly criminals in America. At Menaker psychiatric hospital all are guilty and no one ever leaves. Then she meets Jason Edwards.
Jason is an anomaly. No transfer order, no patient history, no paperwork at all. Is he really guilty of the horrific crimes he’s been sentenced for?

Caught up in a web of unanswered questions and hastily concealed injustices, the spotlight begins to shine on Lise. She’s being watched, and the doors of Menaker psychiatric hospital are closing in.

In Lise’s quest to discover the truth, is there anywhere left to hide?

Menaker is an asylum and Jason Edwards is a patient.

The Hiding Place is a creepy fabulous read. Prepare to be hynotised.

A story of mental illness, The Hiding Place is a fascinating read. It does not set out to thrill you with it’s twist as it is easy to guess this quite early on. What it does do is give you an insight into the human mind and how it can be fragile and confused.

Dr Lise Sheilds is an amazing character, her story is as compelling as it’s troubled. With terrorism, the FBI and murder as it core, this book is a brilliant psychological thriller.

John Burley, I imagine, has had real life experience of such people portrayed in his novel, which has given him a first hand insight into such a topic. It is well written and one that holds your attention. I read this in one sitting and was absolutely gripped.



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