In a Dark Dark Wood Ruth Ware

51MD3XzpEmL._AA160_ Pub: Vintage

Someone’s getting married. Someone’s getting murdered.

This is a book to read when you have lots of time… because once you’re in, you’re hooked. It is intense, fierce and brilliant.

Nora is invited to Clares’ hen weekend, along with a few other ‘friends’. She hasn’t seen or heard from Clare in 10 years and doesn’t really know why she’s going. When she finds out who Clare is getting married to, it changes the atmosphere of the weekend for her.

Told in sequence and with flashbacks it is sometimes cold and brutal. For a group of ‘friends’ they certainly have a lot of baggage.

In a Dark Dark Wood is a phenomenally clever debut, everyone is a suspect and Ruth Ware manages to twist and turn this story into a dark and foreboding read. It really is brilliant.

Debut authors should read this and take note of Ruth Ware’s writing, this book has the feel of an acclaimed author and I am sure Ruth Ware will be a name on the ‘hot list’ quite soon.



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