Caribbean Modern Shivi Ramoutar

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When you think of the Caribbean, a hundred beautiful clichés come to mind – white sand, blue sky, salty breezes and balmy nights. But what of the food? Eating is at the heart of Caribbean life: people come together in the kitchen, someone starts cooking and soon there is laughter, music and fantastic food.

Recipes from the Rum Islands – a fresh, new approach to Caribbean food

This is a most refreshing recipe book just in time for Summer, when you want to eating fresh easy ingredients, put together in a way that’s exciting and different for our British palate.

The recipes are easy to follow with large colorful pictures for reference.

The way Shivi describes ‘limin’ in her brand new book is simply adorable. It has nothing to do with limes instead it is a way of life adopted by the people of Trinidad and is a lazy, while away the hours doing nothing but whatever takes your fancy…. rum, good food, laughter and friends. I am sold.

This is one recipe book that will not be put away with the others at the back of the cupboard this Summer instead I will trying Mock Conch Salad and oh so sweet Snow Cones. I am definitely up for trying new foods and new ways of cooking old favourites.

The cover of this hardback is delightful and fills me with hope that even I can manage at least a few of these delicious recipes.



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