In Their Shoes.. Illustrated by Lucie Arnoux

51u+6jF9fzL._AA160_ Pub: Pushkin Children’s Books

Red shoes, golden slippers, seven-league boots… Just step into the shoes of princes and princesses, ogres and orphans, cats and rabbits, and discover a fascinating fairy-tale world of footwear.

Did you know that long ago Cinderella lived in China? That dogs in America wear boots? And that a small pair of shoes in France can fall in love?

With original illustrations by Lucie Arnoux, this is a timeless and captivating collection of fairy tales and folktales, whose footprints have lasted through the generations, over the centuries, and all around the world.

What a delightful little book. A book of Fairy Tales and Folk Tales all about my favorite Fashion item… Shoes.

Including my all time favorite The Red Shoes by Hans Christian Anderson, this book will surely bring back all the memories of being read to in childhood. With fabulous illustrations by Lucie Arnoux it really is a tiny masterpiece.

This book is published to coincide with an exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum that will present footwear from around the globe.



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