Keep Your Friends Close Paula Daly

51EJ9854NBL._AA160_ Pub: Transworld

Your best friend isn’t who you think she is.
You’ve been friends since university, when you became the people you are today.
You don’t see each other enough but when you do it’s as if you’ve never been apart.
She’s one of the family. You would trust her with your life, your children, your husband.
And when your daughter is rushed to hospital, you’re grateful that she’s stepping in at home, looking after things.
But your best friend isn’t who you think she is. You’re about to find out just how wrong you were.

Reading about Natty is exhausting, with the cleaning, fussing and worrying she is her own worst enemy. She is letting her relationship with husband Sean slide along with everything else, in order to be perfect in her life and her business of running an hotel. Then Eve visits…. and I love love love a fabulous ‘book bitch’ and Eve fills this criteria beautifully.

Keep Your Friends Close is a book that you want to race through to see what happens next. It fills you full of anxiety and intrique and most of all anticipation. I loved it. The story evolves brilliantly and is full of ‘Oh my God.. whatever next’, and when that final twist is revealed it really is an Oh My God, so cleverly and deliciously concocted it is evil at it’s finest.

Paula Daly truly is a master of writing psychological thriller fiction. It is an exquisitely satisfying read and really gets deep into your psyche. I ended up thinking which of my friends would I not trust in the same situation. It is dark and compelling,and will keep you riveted to the last page.



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