BOOK BIRTHDAY – Letting in Light Emma Davies

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Rowan Hill. Come first out of curiosity, explore as a guest, return as a friend.

When Ellie arrives at Rowan Hill all she wants is peace and quiet and a place to lick her wounds, but fate it would seem has other things in mind for her.

Firstly there’s Will, who has a reputation for being a humourless grumpy loner; things would be perfect if everyone would just leave him and his estate alone. Is he just plain grumpy, or is it the big fat secret he’s keeping that makes him act the way he does?

Then there’s Finn, who’s drop dead gorgeous, but who ran away from his past. He’s now planning a return home to Rowan Hill, and although he knows Will’s secret, he’s not about to tell Ellie. Is it loyalty to his brother that keeps him quiet, or perhaps it’s just that he has a few secrets of his own?

The perfect solution for all of them is staring Ellie in the face, trouble is she’s been accused of meddling before. Her vision for Rowan Hill could be just what everyone needs, so should she follow her heart or her head?

As Ellie puts her plans to save Rowan Hill into action, romance and friendships blossom, however the complications of the past are never far away, and a shocking revelation soon threatens their hopes for the future. Suddenly the beliefs they once held true become the biggest obstacle they have to overcome. Will Ellie find the courage to learn from the truth and finally let a little light into all their lives.

After all, life, like art, is all about perception, and sometimes it just depends on your point of view….

Imagine having a boyfriend for twelve years, then telephoning him only to speak to his wife of eighteen months and finding out he has a six month old daughter.. This is what has happened to Ellie.
The story starts with a car accident that Will comes upon, and being a first-aider he helps the girl involved.

Letting in Light is a deliriously addictive read, once I picked it up I could not put it down. It is one that any reader will enjoy and love.

I loved Ellie’s character from the start, she is shy and unsure and Will is a man you instantly root for. And then there is Ben. There are rumors about Will, but are they true? and why does he seem so offhand. Letting in Light is a deliriously addictive read, once I picked it up I could not put it down. It is one that any reader will enjoy and love.

Letting in Light covers a topic that I have never come across in a story before, it is one of sadness and is covered very well by Emma Davies.
All the characters each have a story that makes them uniquely interesting and I liked them all. My absolute favorite was Patience, I felt a kind of sister-ship with her.

As many of you know I am not immediately drawn to romantic and girly chick-lit, but if you let me I will rave about this one. It is simply delightful.

Emma Davies has a hit on her hands with this book, it is fantastically written and every page has something that draws you in and keeps you entertained. This tale left me full of ‘wants’.. I want friends like Helen and Jane, I want to live at Rowan Hill, I want tea and some lemon drizzle cake and I want to re-live what I have read by re-reading again and again. Letting in Light is a little gem of a book and I am delighted to recommend it to all.

Is it possible to love an author as much as her book??   Emma Davies is an author to watch out for.


From the Author

Happy Birthday Letting in Light

So my book baby is one year old, and like all babies there have been moments to ooh

and aah over, moments to make you cry and milestones reached too. She was born,

she’s crawled, found her voice, stood on her own two feet and now is taking bold steps

forward; it’s been quite a year.

It all started one quiet evening when I pressed submit and uploaded my book to

Amazon, without a fanfare, without publicity, without reviews and in fact without even

telling anyone for a few days. It was in the months after this that I began to learn how to

be an author, and that writing a book was just the start of a most wonderful journey.

Like a lot of people I’ve been writing for years, since I was in my teens in fact, and

Letting in Light has been there in my mind for a long time. I knew the plot, and the

characters so well they were like old friends. I often joked that they would get fed up of

waiting for me to tell their story that they’d run off to a proper writer who had got their act

together, but they turned out to be patient bunch and wait they did. So now I’d published

a book and sent it out there, but I really had no idea whether people would like it, and

really I thought I had realised my dream just in getting the book published. I had no real

expectations for it, and was quite unprepared for what happened next.

Because what happened was that I realised that I was no longer content to have just got

this book off my chest, I wanted more, and more, and more; I hadn’t realised what a

passion I had for writing until I started to let it out!

Since then I’ve been on the biggest learning curve of my life, met some truly lovely

people, and discovered how wonderfully supportive the bookish community are, from

readers and writers, to bloggers and complete strangers, all united by our love of the

written word. In January I was lucky enough to get a place on the Romantic Novelist’s

Association New Writers’ Scheme and for some reason this seemed to be catalyst for

positive change, and coupled with some amazing reviews I began to feel that I had really

turned a corner in getting Letting in Light visible and getting people to buy it. Now I’m

thrilled at the successively higher rankings in the charts it’s achieving and the continued

positivity surrounding it.

Someone once said to me, what’s it all about then, this book of yours, windows or

something? and I replied, in a way yes, because it’s not just windows that let in light.

One of the main characters is a stained glass artist and for him, his work, his art, is a life

transforming passion. Of course I can’t say too much more for fear of spoilers but this

passage has always been one of my favourites because it’s about being in profound

awe of something so beautiful it takes your breath away:

A waft of air gushes against the back of my legs, and dust motes rise up in front of me in

the brilliant light as the shrouds fall away from the window. I can feel the sun on the back

of my head as a flow of colour washes over me. It races out across the room, across the

people standing before me, over the whitewashed walls, instantly decorating them,

magical in their transformation. I look up, and even to the rafters I can see its colours,

rose and copper and gold.

And that’s when it hits me, the stillness in the room, not just a lack of sound, but a space

where just for a second there is nothing else but a profound awe. For just as I am gazing

out into the room, everyone else is gazing back, looking not as I am at the light flowing

outward, but at the point at which it flows inward. I hardly dare to turn around.

A voice beside me sounds out across the space. ‘Oh my word!’ Three simple words of

honest astonishment.

Thoughts are finding voices now and a swirl of noise is born. A single clap rings out,

followed by another, then another, until the whole building is thundering with their sound.

You see essentially this is what Letting in Light is all about. It’s about finding yourself,

about finding that one thing that makes you glad to feel alive, finding a passion that

burns within you and realising your dreams. It’s about following that dream because life’s

too short not too, and it’s about learning how to let a little light into your life.

If I have learnt anything this year it’s that I no longer have to look for my passion, my

dream, my light. I have found it. I am a writer.

Buy the Book.. Emma Davies


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