BLOG TOUR – The Spider in the Corner of the Room Nikki Owen

51Vyvo4vGzL._AA160_ Pub: Mira

What to believe Who to betray When to run…

Plastic surgeon Dr Maria Martinez has Asperger’s. Convicted of killing a priest, she is alone, in prison and has no memory of the murder.

DNA evidence places Maria at the scene of the crime, yet she claims she’s innocent. Then she starts to remember…

A strange room. Strange people. Being watched.

As Maria gets closer to the truth she is drawn into a web of international intrigue and must fight not only to clear her name but to remain alive.

Part one of The Project trilogy

Quote… ‘It’s my job to research patients,’he continues, as if reading my mind. He leans forward. ‘I know a lot about you.’

The Spider in the Corner of the Room is frustratingly good. I say frustratingly because it is told in a kind of rambling form in which the reader gets to know to know how Maria’s mind works. We understand her condition and how it affects her daily life and routine. I was very quickly hooked and couldn’t wait to find out the facts of what happened and why.

We know that Dr Maria Martinez has Aspergers, that she has killed a man and that she has been in prison. Maria is extremely clever, she knows facts about almost everything, is very deft and has to write things down in order to function. Her notebook is her saviour.

This novel tells her story, flitting between her time in prison and her counselling sessions with Kurt.

Is she a schizophrenic or just paranoid?

I liked this book and would recommend it to readers who enjoy a bit of intrigue and a tale that builds up momentum slowly. It is very well written and is also well researched. The characters are all interesting but can Maria trust them, everyone has secrets including her own family. I think that Maria is being set up by those around her.

It was a fabulous ending to The Spider in the Corner of the Room, I can’t wait to see what happens next with Maria.



Nikki Owen
is an award-winning writer and columnist. Previously, Nikki was a marketing consultant and University teaching fellow before turning to writing full time. As part of her degree, she studied at the acclaimed University of Salamanca – the same city where her protagonist of The Spider in the Corner of the Room, Dr Maria Martinez, hails from.

The Spider in the Corner of the Room is Nikki’s debut international novel – the first in a trilogy – and will be published in several languages. The trilogy has been optioned by NBC Universal Television for a one-hour returnable TV series.

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