Tails Of A Country Garden Phil Janes

41h2Vo6wlSL._AA160_ Pub:  Haven Publishing Ltd

No longer a kitten, and after being thwarted by his human servants for way too long, Fleet finally escapes into the garden for the first time. Strongclaw, older and supposedly wiser, has taught him what to expect – stupid dogs, mad squirrels, feline invaders – and his instructions are to chase them all. But as Fleet explores, new friends, including some seriously hungry foxes, don’t quite fit into Strongclaw’s menagerie of menace and mendacity, and his decision secretly to give away some of Strongclaw’s much prized food sets the two cats on a collision course. With Strongclaw’s advantage in experience, weight and practiced belligerence, Fleet will need the assistance of fate if he is going to help his new friends, and then of his friends if he is going to help Strongclaw!

Everyone who knows me knows how much I adore cats. So when I was asked to review this book I was delighted.

This is a book for cat lovers everywhere and you can tell from the first page that Phil Janes loves them just as much.

I laughed from the first page when Fleet, a kitten, chases a spider something which my cats have endless ‘fun’ doing. Strongclaw and Elegance have to teach Fleet everything there is to know about being a cat, from protecting his territory to getting the most from ‘the servants’.

A delightful novel which is beautifully written from the opinions, perspective and daily routines of the brilliant little characters that are the cats. It also has dogs, squirrels and foxes and would delight all animal lovers.

Phil Janes has captured the personality of the cats imaginatively and its a truly amazing read.

I now know that my cats, whom I adore, just call me Chief Feeder, and although I think they love me I now know I am just here to serve them and makes their lives as comfortable and languorous as possible.

Truly brilliant, Thanks Phil for this amazing read.



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