The Red Notebook Antoine Laurain

9781908313867 Pub: Gallic Books

Bookseller Laurent Letellier comes across an abandoned handbag on a Parisian street and feels impelled to return it to its owner.

The bag contains no money, phone or contact information. But a small red notebook with handwritten thoughts and jottings reveals a person that Laurent would very much like to meet.

Without even a name to go on, and only a few of her possessions to help him, how is he to find one woman in a city of millions?

This delightful tale starts when Laure is mugged on her doorstep for her handbag.

By page 15 I decided that I wanted to live where Laurent lives. By Page 45 I was in love with him and on page 132 I cried.

The Red Notebook is by far the best novel I have read all year and deserves more of an accolade than I can give to it.
It is a story full of characters who became ‘my friends’ and whose lives are rich and full of depth. And Laure herself is beautiful.

If I could live in ‘bookworld’ I would live in this one. It is a story that has everything I love, romance, books, cats and I could just Gush Gush Gush.

I admit this isn’t like the usual review I write but The Red Notebook is a book like no other. My only regret is that I have read it, I would like to go back in time and re-read, not knowing how fabulous this book is and that I have the best couple of reading hours ahead of me.

A definite MUST READ for everyone.



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