The Reunion of Ghosts Judith Claire Mitchell

download (1) Pub:Fourth Estate

Meet the Alter sisters: Lady, Vee and Delph. These three mordantly witty, complex women share their family’s apartment on Manhattan’s Upper West Side. They love each other fiercely, but being an Alter isn’t easy. Bad luck is in their genes, passed down through the generations. Yet no matter what life throws at these siblings, they always have a wisecrack – and each other.

In the waning days of 1999, the sisters decide it’s time to close the circle of the Alter curse. But first, as the world counts down to the dawn of a new millennium, Lady, Vee and Delph must write the final chapter of a saga generations in the making – one that is inexorably intertwined with that of the twentieth century itself. Unspooling threads of history, personal memory and family lore, they weave a mesmerising account of their lives that stretches back decades to their great-grandfather, a brilliant scientist whose professional triumph became the sinister legacy that defines them.

Lady‘ works for a dentist with whom she is having an affair, Vee has cancer and Delph once kept a family tree diagram of who, how and where the family had died. Most of which were suicides.

The three sisters have decided the date when they will commit suicide,although Lady had tried once before.

The Reunion of Ghosts tells the history of the family in the 1800’s, up to present day (1999). It starts with the great grandmother who developed poison gas which was used in WW1 to their final day when they gather to end their lives.

It is a magnificent story and is beautifully written, although it took a bit of used to it held my interest and I enjoyed it to the end.

It is funny, dark and heartbreaking.



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