Second Life S J Watson

cover58358-mediumPub: Random House UK, Transworld Publishers

She loves her husband. She’s obsessed by a stranger.

She’s a devoted mother. She’s prepared to lose everything.

She knows what she’s doing. She’s out of control.

She’s innocent. She’s guilty as sin.

She’s living two lives. She might lose both . .

Julia and Hugh look after Connor as if he were their own child, but Connor is Kate’s son. Kate is Julia’s sister and when she is murdered Julia is hell bent on finding out the facts of what really happened.

S J Watson slowly feeds you tit-bits with Second Life, each leaving you wanting more.

It is gripping, disturbing and full of suspense. I found my self holding my breath, letting it out then having to hold it again. Second Life really grabs you by the collar and gives you a good shake.

I was afraid, hopeful and intrigued by psychological thriller and I loved it. The end will shock you and make you realize that online you can be whoever you want to be.

It is one of the best books I have read this year.



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