Asylum Jeanette de Beauvoir

9781250045393 Pub: St Martins Press

Martine LeDuc is the PR director for Montreal, where four women have been murdered. Liasing with police lieutenant Julian Fletcher, she discovers that all the women were looking into Montreal’s past, when orphans were transferred to a psychiatric hospital and made the subjects of experimentation (drugs, electroshock, lobotomies) in collusion with the CIA’s MK-Ultra program.

All of the murdered women have a connection to these historic situations, and were killed to keep someone else’s role from becoming public. Martine finds herself standing between the killer—and his getting away with it all.

Asylum hops between the investigation of the death of four women to the story of a child who has been taken from a children’s home to an asylum, where she tells of her life and the horrors within.

Asylum is full of suspense, and full of sadness.

Based on true facts Asylum is a tale that will astound you, mainly because it happened not that long ago and the unimaginable fact that it was allowed to happen at all.



2 thoughts on “Asylum Jeanette de Beauvoir

  1. Can I ask, did you get this from NetGalley? I’m asking because I ticked that bit that says, “I wish it was!” when it says books aren’t available yet…but every time I’ve done this I’ve never heard any more, and whenever I look back at the books it says, “We’ve let the publisher know you’d like this book to be available for review.” Does this make sense?! It’s just normally I get books no problem from NG, so wondered if this was a new pre-approval thing, to knock people back in a polite fashion! Normally I wouldn’t bother, but this really caught my eye. Cheers.


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