Floral Beauty in Cross Stitch Susan Bates

81ilf1CQQeL._AC_UL480_FMwebp_QL65_ Pub: Tuva Publishing

This book contains a variety of rich and vibrant plants and flowers to Cross Stitch. Create popular flowers such as roses, sunflowers and poppies as well as tropical plants and foliage. These designs incorporate Susan Bate’s love of colour and shading and are perfect for both the beginner and the more experienced stitcher.

My review

This beautiful book is a Cross Stitchers dream, it is a garden of wonderful floral patterns, Roses, Pansy’s and other stunning flowers are brought to life with stunning colour and brilliant displays.

The charts are easy to follow, and the vivid colours really showcase the designs.

I just adore the Daffodil chart and this will be my first chart. It will make a beautiful cushion cover just ready in time for Spring.

There are 16 designs, the thread suggestion is DMC and the design sizes vary.

Also included is a stitch guide, the fabric used can be aids or regenerate depending on your preference.

A stunning book that everyone will love.





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Modern Patchwork: 12 Fresh Patterns To Inspire Your Creativity

41gVWHcrMsL._SX388_BO1,204,203,200_ Pub: Leisure Arts Inc

12 contemporary projects by some of today’s most skilled and accomplished quilt designers

My review

I love scrappy quilting and this book is perfect for detaching your fabric box.

The quilt projects are vibrant, modern and very easy to sew.

12 designs are included with full instructions and can be modified for your own personal taste and style.

There are cushions, table runners, and even totes and pencil pouches, which you can keep it gift.

The easy to follow pictorial guides are perfect for the beginner, and I loved that the general instructions covered everything you need to know about quilting from start to finish. This enables you to get a professional and perfect result.

This book is an ideal addition to your craft shelf.






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Sewing Bags & Pouches: 35 Bags and Pouches all with Full-Size Patterns

15780596958561381431234 Pub: Tuva Publishing

This book shows teaches you how to create a variety of bags using up to 35 different patterns. Bag types include Boston style bags, Backpacks, pochettes, drawstring and pouches which come with full size sewing patterns so you can easily sew and customise your very own bag.


My review

The bag patterns included in this book are divine. There is one for almost every occasion.

The full sized pattern sheet needs a little studying before you start, it is double sided and the different bag patterns overlap. They are in different colours but it is still a little difficult to decipher.

I made the Boston Bag, and found the instructions very simple and easy to understand.

The instructions are written and have a drawn diagram of each step. Each step is numbered which is brilliant and the language is simple and clear.

I loved the photography of the bags and loved them all, it’s hard to choose which one to make first.

The bags would make ideal gifts and I have plans to make a bright lightweight one, which will be perfect for the Summer.






The best part, for me is choosing my fabric for my project.

I traced and cut my pattern pieces. The pattern suggests some interfacing, but I prefer some thin wadding, as I like a padded bag. It’s going to be a sewing bag so this idea is better as my scissors or pins won’t like through.




About the Author

Tuva Publishing is an independent, international publisher of a wide selection of needlecraft books, all highly illustrated in full color since 2004. The books cover a range of subjects, including cross-stitch, embroidery, sewing, crochet and knitting. They work with expert authors in their interest fields from around the world to offer the best quality titles to readers

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Needle Lace Techniques for Hand Embroidery Hazel Blomkamp


download Pub: Search Press



Working from the Encyclopedia of Needlework by T.H. de Dillmont, originally published in the late 19th century, Hazel Blomkamp has compiled all of the key needle lace embroidery techniques into one handy and portable stitch book.

The book begins with a basic guide to needle lace techniques, based on several stitches Dillmon used which Hazel has broken down into easy steps. Over 40 needle lace stitches are then described, each with a clear diagram and step-by-step instructions. All have been detailed on one side of the page only, allowing the reader to place a magnetic cross-stitch board underneath. They can then use the magnetic rulers that come with the board to mark the row that they are working on, making the instructions easier to follow. The book is wire-bound, allowing the pages to lie flat while you work, and the book’s notebook-size fits perfectly in a workbag for easy transportation while stitching on the go.

With all the stitches needed for needle lace hand embroidery at their fingertips, both new and experienced embroiderers will find inspiration from this invaluable resource.


My review 

This book is perfect for practicing needlework stitches.

Each page is dedicated to a specific stitch with a drawn diagram that is easy to follow. The author has gone to great lengths in order to give clear instructions, hints and tips so that any stitched can master the craft.

From basic backstitch to filler stitches, there is something that will outline and decorate your chosen project.

While there are no specific projects in this book, as a hand sewist I found this book extremely helpful. If you enjoy any kind of embroidery this book is invaluable for learning and advancing your skills.

I loved the coiled spine which enables the book to lie flat and I am hoping that there will be a second book out soon.






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A Selection of Designs Inspired by Iznik & Delft Pottery in Cross Stitch Durene Jones

download Pub : Tuva Publishing

Inspired by the great diversity of Iznik and Delft pottery, this book brings to you a selection of bright, modern designs to cross-stitch. These patterns are varied both in size and complexity, from small designs for tags, pincushions and cards, to more involved designs for pictures and other display items, however many are simple and could be used in multiple ways



My review

I loved this book. The designs are divine and really quite special. Inspired by well known pottery, each design is simple, using just a few shades of thread.

The charts are easy to follow, and are larger than the actual finished piece. Each design vary in size so can be used for pin cushions and tags, the larger designs are ideal for wall hangings and samplers.

The recommended thread is DMC, and an accompanying colour guide is listed.

This is a book any cross stitcher will love. I made a larger design and I watched it come alive with each stitch. They are absolutely beautiful.






I am working on one of the designs..

This design is shades of blue and I think it looks fabulous so far….







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Baby Knits Susie Johns

61nbu0ltBCL._AC_UY218_ML3_ Pub: Tuva Publishing

Combining style with practicality, the 18 projects in this book are made using baby-friendly, machine washable yarns spun from natural fibres to ensure comfort and softness for a baby’s delicate skin. From jumpers and cosy cardigans to head-hugging hats, beautiful blankets and lovable toys, there is something here for every baby up to 12 months and for every knitter. Tiny knits take shape very quickly, which is good news for beginners and experienced knitters alike. And in a world where so many baby clothes are mass-produced, the gift of a hand-knit is pretty special.


My review

I absolutely love this book.

The patterns are cute, gorgeous and so so beautiful, you will really want to knit them all.

18 Knits for boys and girls with full easy to follow instructions ranging in age from 3 – 6 mths, 6 -9 mths, and 9 – 12 mths.

The photography is stunning and showcase the patterns to perfection.

Each knit pattern is designed for the complete beginner and the more experienced.there are JumpersBlanketsHats and even soft Toys. 

As with every good craft book, there is a lot of information. All the tools you need are listed and from start to finish the author ensures that you get  beautiful and professional result.




I made the Pinafore Dress which is on the front cover in the first size. 

I chose a variegated acrylic wool. I only needed three 50g balls.

The dress is made from two sections and I completed it in two days.

I loved this project.

It’s just a shame I don’t know anyone little enough to gift it to.




About the Author

Susie Johns is an artist and designer who has written dozens of craft books on knitting, crochet, and sewing. Her patterns and designs appear regularly in a number of consumer craft magazines such as Let’s Get Crafting, Let’s Knit, and Sew, and she has also written numerous patterns for DMC. She teaches drawing and painting, runs classes and workshops on knitting and crochet, and has been involved in a number of textile-based community projects in and around London, where she lives.


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Free-Motion Quilting 101 Ashley Nickels

911LGUn73LL._AC_UL320_ML3_.jpg  Pub: Taunton Press Inc

Quilters want to finish their quilts–and that means doing their own machine quilting. In Free-Motion Quilting 101, teacher and quilter Ashley Nickels provides in-depth instruction on learning the technique of free-motion quilting, combined with simple small projects that reinforce the technique. Quilters will have fun while learning the necessary steps to complete a quilting project. Free-Motion Quilting 101 is divided into three parts–workbook-style practice; project session and in-depth reference for finishing a quilt 15 foundational designs 3 simple projects and 1 larger project that is a culmination of the techniques learned in the book Free-Motion Quilting 101 is squarely on mastering the technique on a regular home sewing machine and will be the book new quilters pick up first to learn how to free-motion quilt successfully.


My review 

I love free motion quilting. I love the way even an error can make your quilting design unique and personal.

This book will make sure that you do not make such mistakes. It guides you through every process and even includes practice sheets to get your pattern just perfect.

Set out in three parts Ashley Nickels gives great advice on design, she teaches the best stitch techniques and helps with inspiration and more importantly, helps you to gain confidence in your ability

From start to finish, this book will teach you how to get a superior finish to your quilt and you will gain advanced knowledge and the end result will give you a professional and a beautiful design.




About the Author

Ashley Nickels is a writer, teacher, and quilter in San Francisco, California. She grew up surrounded by quilters and makers (her mom, Sue, is a professional quilter)–making her first nine-patch at age eight–and was designing her own bags by high school. Ashley spent the first thirteen years of her career as a classroom teacher in Spain and San Francisco, teaching both English and Spanish literature and language. She is now fully immersed in the creative community, teaching in-person and online classes, and writing.




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