Modern Memory Quilts: A Handbook for Capturing Meaningful Moments Suzanne Paquette

A1ZNjYWcKvL._AC_UL436_ Pub:  C & T Publishing

Learn to incorporate treasured clothing into heirloom quilts without sacrificing your modern aesthetic. Stitch memories together forever with 12 quilt projects that are as meaningful as they are stylish! Modern heirloom quilter Suzanne Paquette shares the emotional, creative, and technical aspects of memory quilting through colourful storytelling and photography. Practical projects inspired by real families’ stories will help you celebrate love, provide comfort, and honour your family’s heritage.


My review 

There are many ways of capturing our memories and this book shows us how to incorporate our cherished ones into an heirloom quilt.

12 designs are showcased in this wonderfully unique ideas book and each one is personal to the family we get to know.

Applique designs in the shapes of dogs, photographs and favourite clothing are all included in the designs,and as well as giving a host of ideas there are many ways of making a personalised quilt that will last for many years and generations.

Each design come with a step by step quilting guide, with tips and hints on finishing your quilt.  The quilts shown are modern, edgy and what’s more they are personal history of those we love.

Different from a traditional quilt, there is no reason why a quilter will not find inspiration within these pages.  They really are exquisite pieces of art.


About the Author

Suzanne Paquette creates Modern Heirloom memory quilts. Her original designs have appeared in many books and quilting exhibitions. When she’s not quilting, Suzanne works with Camelot Fabrics as their marketing director. She lives in Montreal with her family.




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Abbygale Sews Emma Curtis and Elizabeth Parnell

81BBtwJkIUL._AC_UL436_ Pub: Search Press Ltd

This beautiful book is packed full of designs for bags, accessories and delightful items for the home, all created by Emma Curtis and Elizabeth Parnell in a style that is fresh, feminine, and mistakenly English. The gorgeous photographs, drawings and pretty designs will make you want to pick up a needle and thread and get sewing straight away, even if you are a complete beginner. Ideal for the modern home-maker, there are nineteen projects to choose from, all with a complete list of the materials needed to make them, a set of clear, step-by-step instructions with drawings where needed, and pattern pieces provided on a useful fold-out sheet at the back of the book


My review

Filled with beautiful projects that would be great for gift giving, this is a book that is colourful and delightful.

Each project is simple enough for a beginner, and all of them are perfect for personalising for that special someone.

Bags, Tablet cases and so much more are included and with the full sized pattern pieces, this is an amazing project book.

Each design is photographed in a stunning ‘mood’ form, which makes me want to stitch them all. The chosen fabrics are pretty and stylish and with the addition of a ‘story’ to accompany each one, (even a Devon cream tea recipe is given for the Picnic table designs), gives this book a bright and Summery feel.

The simple instructions are written and visual, easy to follow and in a step by step format.

Fresh feminine and oh sew pretty this is one sewing book I just adore.


About the Author

Emma Curtis and Elizabeth Parnell got to know each other when their children were very young, and they quickly became firm friends. At that time, neither of them were working, money was short, and they decided to make their own Christmas presents. They made fabric bags in all shapes and sizes, which were an immediate success. From there, the Abbygale brand was created and Emma and Elizabeth started to sell their bags on a market stall, and later as kits. They now run their own successful on-line shop selling a range of kits and gifts that they design and make themselves, and have recently opened a shop in Devon, UK.



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Knitted Farmyard Sarah Keen

716ZGkbYSvL._AC_UL436_ Pub: GMC Publications

All children love a farmyard the hens clucking, the sheep baa-ing, the horses neighing, and a tractor in the field… It features in the stories they hear and the nursery rhymes they sing. It s fascinating to them, and teaches them so much about work, home life, and where our food comes from. So, they re bound to enjoy these lovely little knitted farmyard characters! You ll find all their favourite animals, from cows and hens to ponies, lambs and ducks. There s also the farmers and farm workers to knit, plus a tractor, farmhouse and accessories, such as bales of hay, sacks of grain, apple trees and a scarecrow. All the characters can be played with on the large playmat, which is also included as a pattern. The 25 projects feature best-selling author Sarah Keen s popular and charming style. They re durable and washable, using readily available DK yarn. There s a comprehensive techniques section, too, so beginners will be able to tackle the projects. They make wonderful gifts for little ones, and will provide many hours of fun and educational imaginative play.


My review 

Knitted Farmyard is a project filled with joy.

This delightful knitting project book is a complete farm of animals, pets and tractors.

25 beautiful designs, are explained so simply even a beginner can accomplish a brilliant finish.

Bright and fun, every child will just adore the characters and animals which have been included. Even the farmer and his wife are here.

My favourite has to be the chickens, I loved the expression on the face of the scarecrow and the trees are just amazing.

What is also amazing is a playmat has also been designed. to complete a playtime filled with imagination and to encourage creativity.

This unique and original ideas book will no doubt be a favourite among knitting fans and is one I highly recommend.




About the Author

Sarah Keen is passionate about knitting, finding it relaxing and therapeutic. She discovered her love of the craft at a very early age her mother taught her to knit when she was just four years old and by the age of nine she was making jackets and jumpers. Sarah now works as a freelance pattern designer and finds calculating rows and stitches challenging but fascinating. She is experienced in designing knitted toys for children and also enjoys writing patterns for charity. This is Sarah s tenth book for GMC Publications.




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100 Lace Flowers to Crochet Caitlin Sainio

61B5LWDw26L._AC_UL320_ Pub: Search Press Ltd

Recreate the beauty of a summer garden with this gorgeous selection of flowers, leaves, and plants to crochet. From lacy blossoms and delicate ferns to lush ivies and vibrant wildflowers, you’ll find patterns to suit any colour, style, or season. Small and quick to crochet, these flowers work wonderfully as unique accents for larger projects, as a creative use for leftover thread, or as a colourful introduction to thread crochet. Whether you’re new to thread crochet, or a long-time enthusiast, you’ll find clear instructions and full patterns for a wide array of designs, from simple flowers and leaves to larger and more elaborate ones. With all the colour and variety of their outdoor counterparts, these flowers will be a beautiful and distinctive addition to your household decorating and crafts. Embellish clothing and homewares, create decorative arrangements or wall hangings, or make lovely and original cards: this book includes numerous project ideas for your finished pieces.

My review 

This book is filled with stunning flower designs to crochet.

Easy instructions and picture images make this book an brilliant project book to create the wonder of nature in the form a stunning flowers. Daisy, Willow leaf and even a caterpillar.

This are beautiful projects and with so many uses, Home decor, wall hangings or just something to decorate a cushion or throw, you are not short of inspiration.

There is a chapter on what is needed, a crochet refresher course that demonstrates the art of crochet, this is a book for every level of crocheter.


I made some daisies and crocheted them into a throw.


About the Author

Caitlin Sainio has been crocheting for most of her life, and especially loves the delicate geometries of thread crochet. Trained as a mechanical engineer, she’s turned her engineering talents to freelance crochet design, concentrating particularly on flowers, snowflakes, and the other beautiful patterns found in nature.




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Weaving with Little Handmade Looms Harumi Kageyama

51vBSEzjvML._AC_US218_Pub: Zakka Workshop

Learn how to make your own portable weaving loom with everyday materials like cardboard, paper, pins, tacks, wood, and nails. Step-by-step instructions illustrate how to construct four handcrafted loom designs with ordinary tools. Use a cardboard cake box to make a circle loom and weave friendship rings. Create a little loom with a picture frame and weave a colorful purse. Featuring 25 cute projects like bags, jewelry, table-mats, and pouches, all projects are friendly for weaving with both traditional and unconventional fibers. You can try different materials, from classic yarn to more novel materials like ribbon, suede and pipe cleaners -change it up for a whole different look! These do-it-yourself looms are perfect for crafting on the go. They are small enough to take with you as a portable travel craft or outside pastime. With basic materials you’ll be weaving on your handmade loom in no time!


My review

When I think of weaving I usually think of a huge machine that makes beautiful and wonderful fabrics.

This gorgeous book takes it down to a miniature form and makes it so much fun.

25 projects are included and I can imagine that little girls with dolls houses will be making rugs for the tiny rooms.

The looms are easy to make, using paper, board and wood.

Bracelets, purses, coasters and so much more are beautifully showcased and they are all very inspiring.

Visual and written instructions are given, and each design is simple but stunning. I especially loved the Fringed Broach.

weaving with Little handmade Looms is quite different from other craft books but I can guarantee that hours of fun is to be had and it’s a craft for all the family.




About the Author

Harumi Kageyama studied art and design in Japan. Her work focuses on simple materials such as wool, fabric and driftwood and places great value on simplicity and sustainability. She is the author of several books published in Japan.





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75 Knitted Floral Blocks Lesley Stanfield

61ZZ4s4b0PL._AC_UL320_ Pub: Search Press Ltd

A charming collection of square, triangular, diamond-shaped, and hexagonal blocks, all with a floral theme: from traditional blanket squares with petals and rosebuds to colourful blocks with three-dimensional flowers and butterflies, there’s something here to inspire every knitter. Great for crafters “on-the-go”: it’s easy to carry with you just what you need to work a few blocks while travelling, commuting, or meeting friends. When all the blocks are complete, you can assemble the whole project at leisure. Includes: written patterns and corresponding charts; a “Useful Techniques” section for anyone who wants to brush up their knitting skills; “Creative Projects” to help you to make your choice of blocks, yarns, and colours to create your own versions of the projects illustrated.


My review 

The designs in this wonderful book for knitters are exquisite.

There are 75 knitted square blocks that have been showcased in a colourful and simple manner.

Each block comes with a visual image, a graph guide and easy to follow instructions.

These can be made into blankets, throws, cushions and so much more. I even saw a coat made from gorgeous blocks, which was quite something and such a chic and inspiring project idea.  There is a fabulous project section which includes a birdcage cover. It’s divine.

The flowers included vary, Hydrangeas, Crocus, Poppies and s many more, the iris is my favorite, and to make them more unique, some are even 3D.

Because the blocks are small projects, this would be a great book for a beginner knitter.

Like every good project book, there is a basic stitch guide and a how to. The technique section also tells you what tools are needed, advice on yarn and what the abbreviations mean.

I love this book, it is simple to understand and the blocks are beautiful.



About the Author

Lesley Stanfield is a long-time hand-knitting designer and has been the knitting editor of several women’s magazines. She has produced a number of books on knitting and crochet. She lives and works in Whitstable, Kent.



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Stitching for the Seasons: 20 Quilt Projects. Jen Daly

A1MvMSs7oQL._AC_UL436_ Pub: C & T Publishing

Winter, spring, summer, fall-who’s the coziest of them all? Make your home warm and inviting with pretty quilts for all four seasons! Sew 20 projects from quilts and table runners to wall hangings and pillows. With a suite of patterns for each season, you’ll combine colourful cottons, luscious wool applique, and simple hand stitching. A variety of techniques from patchwork to paper piecing and raw-edge applique will keep you inspired to sew all year long. Say hello to the seasons with quilted decor for your walls, pillows, tables, and more. Build your skills with 20 sewing projects, from small and simple to more advanced quilts. Capture the colours of nature with sweet embroidery, patchwork, and wool applique


My review

I love this book.

The designs are simple but beautiful and with templates included, they are just waiting to be stitched.

I loved the winter designs, The snowmen are so cute. Table runners, quilts and cushions are just some of the inspiring projects and each one is easy to personlise, so they can be made with specific people and designs in mind.

Embroidery and buttons are suggested as embellishments and applique is a beautiful addition.

Each project has a menu for things you need to create your project, and with sizes and a simple to follow instruction guide, even a beginner quilter could achieve a stunning and usable item.

From cutting out your design to the finishing touches, each step is explained fully.

These projects are works of art, and depending on your fabric choice they can adorn and decorate your home as well as keeping you warm and snuggly.



About the Author

Jen Daly has been sewing and crafting all her life. Her scrappy quilts combine varied fabrics, wool applique, and simple embroidery. Her designs have been published in numerous magazines and calendars.




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